Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The first post

of the New Year is a bit tardy. But would you expect anything less? I like to live life belatedly afterall :)

The new year has been moving right along--school is good if a bit absent lately (holiday plus snow day equals forgetting my day job!). I've switched back to my old farrier for Caesar's feet, and he seems to be going pretty well. I am hopeful that this will be a more sound year than last. We did a gymnastics clinic in early January, but since then we've been lying low, working mostly on flat work. I feel a bit stuck, but 2 good lessons in the past week are adding some insight. This is as we know the season of feeling stuck. I think Caesar just wants to take a good walk outside. I know I do! We finally got around to clipping him (thanks to Shannon for the use of her clippers!), and it looks decent for the first try! I admit to being the handler; Mike was far more trustworthy with the clippers!

MICA class started last night. It's officially titled Perfecting Basic Skills, but the syllabus looks to be more about perfecting some skills and learning some new ones (hello, etching and bezel stone setting, I have been waiting for you!). I am excited for our first project--forming spiculums and anticlastic shapes. What's that you say? Yea, I just learned what they are too :) Think sheet metal curved inward, outward, in all directions within the same piece. Should be cool! I am thinking I might do a series of bird beaks or play with a foxhunting theme. hmmm...

That's all the writing for now, but I'll include some fun pics:

A shot of the jumps the boarders created for our trainer. They look great and ride well!

A close up of the artistry :)

Caesar's new clip and new bareback pad (both compliments of my awesome husband!)

I am certain Caesar has always wanted to be a dressage queen so I caved and bought him boots!

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  1. Happy New Year! (belatedly) I just awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award. Stop by to pick it up.