Thursday, April 14, 2011

Alright already

I have developed a seriously bad habit of making lists of things to blog about every two weeks or so then letting the lists get so long that I find myself too exhausted or too intimidated to write an all encomposing blog post when the time arises (which is usually around 11:30 at night on a weekday when I should be in bed:). Added to that is my desire to included photos of my current jewelry projects, and seeing as how I rarely upload photos from my camera to our laptop, this task is not so easy to achieve. So it's time for the roadblocks to be torn down. I have time for a very brief update, and that's whay I'll write!

I am ecstatic to report that Caesar is sound AND doing marvelously well. We have been back in the saddle for 10 days and each of our rides has been very good, much better than I could have expected. We took the first few rides very easy and light with only a bit of trot and lots of walking, but still he felt very stretchy and super happy to be going again. He has already put on a some weight since being back under saddle confirming that when he is out of work, he drops the pounds (wish that were the case for me!) As Margot put it, he is a bit of a worrier when he is unsound, and indeed, he does seem to be in very good spirits these days! Our trot work is going very well, and Margot has been really helping me adjust my position and be more effective, especially in the weak leg (ahem, especially, especially that left leg) department. I love seeing the progress I can make when I correct my body. Canter transitions are still an issue, but we had some very good ones Monday. Yesterday was a challenge because we had to ride in the indoor (which I am somewhat afraid of, apparently) and with an audience. ouch. But such is the life of sporting with horses. I've been doing lots of thinking as well as some journaling about sports psychology, specifically my tendancy to be chicken s*** about doing things that make me anxious (like transitioning to the canter; the canter I love, it's getting from trot to canter that I fail at). More on that later.

The embroidery project my friend Pam and I had been working on with the kids finished up last week with a bang. We completed six small quilts that became wall hangings that were auctioned off at our school's annual silent auction. The pieces brought in almost $900 and were a huge hit! Success! I even nabbed (okay, fought for) one that I just adore. I will post pictures...eventually!

That's all for now! See, I can write a short(er) post afterall!

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