Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Well, that was painless...

Ahem, ahem, ahem, I seem to have some cobwebs and dust to clean up. My blog's been hiding in the attic for 5 months. Yep, 5 whole months of 30-31 days each. That's a lot of days. Pretty much half a year. Looks like I'll be dusting it off for a bit before I really get back. You see, I just somehow lost May and then, catching up on May in June as well as covering June seemed daunting. Then July came with many adventures. But you get the point. I procrastinated, then got scared, then felt guilty, then felt liberated, then felt guilty again (before reminding myself I had been LIBERATED from my blog...wait, why do I do this?). And there you have it. Five months of nil. Nothing. And you know me, I like to chat and share. So, I am going to try to bring this jessie back. I have tons of updates, many of which are now irrelevant. After a few months of ups and downs and lots of worries, it seems that Caesar is in very good place to move forward with riding. Let's hope so. More on that front and many more to come. Also, after 2.5 years of bumming off Mike's laptop, I got my very own new computer. Tiny and cute and hopefully it will encourage me to write more soon. I hope soon does not mean March 2012 :)

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