Monday, April 5, 2010


We had a really nice jump lesson today. I was a little anxious going into it because, well, I'm anxious. About the shows this weekend, my ability to really ride my horse, others' opinions, and so on. The usual :) But overall, the lesson was quite good, and I'm pleased with my performance. I was VERY pleased with Caesar; he's really the athlete after all, and he's doing a fabulous job of taking care of his green rider! We cantered more fences than in the past, and I was much better about pulling (pulling less that is). I included a (rather long) video:

Obviously, there's much to work on: my position (both cantering flat and over jumps), my hands (even though my trainer kept reminding me, I still wasn't putting my hands up), my eyes (look up!), not giving up when I feel wiped out. But for our 6th official jump lesson, I think this is pretty good. My turns are better, I am trusting Caesar more, and since I am less in his face, he's not rushing. Bottom line is that I felt great at the end. HOORAY! We'll work on dressage tomorrow and have another lesson on Thursday before doing my first course walk every on Friday. So exciting! I even went out and got a new shirt and matching saddle pad. I know, I know, it's like I'm 15. But it's so fun!

The weather has just been superb this past week; Mike and I have been out biking several times, and we are heading to D.C. on Wednesday to join the throngs of cherry blossom tourists. Two friends from college are in the area this week, and I am hoping to squeeze in a quick visit with each one. Should be a full but fun week.

Have a great week and thanks for reading!

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  1. hmm I thought I had already commented on this -- I see my comment didn't stick :( What I wanted to say is that Caesar looks GREAT! He is rushing MUCH less -- the result of positive riding! So excited for you to compete this weekend; I'll be eagerly awaiting the results. GOOD LUCK and see you soon!