Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Monday

It appears I'm not being a very diligent blogger. My days have been a little busy of late, and I haven't been doing such a good job of reflecting on what in my life is fit for print. So I guess an update on the weekend and the week ahead is as good a reason as any to write...

On Saturday I met up with Nina, Jen, and Abby at the Redlands horse trials; we spectated a bit and shared stories of our recent rides and then went for a lunch at a fun little Italian place (where buttered bread, ahem, garlic toast, is served in towers:). We then headed to Wheaton to what is surely one of the largest thrift stores on the East Coast. Abby had spoken of Unique Thrift (more like Mega Thrift) on many occasions, and I'm glad we finally made the trip; it was totally worth it! We went to not one but 2.5 Unique Thrift stores; after 4 hours of shopping we emerged with over 10 bags and probably 50 items. I spent $80 and landed 18 pieces. WOW! Abby even got a pair of roller skates (super crazy cool roller skates, no less); she and Jen took them for a test ride:

It was a great day, hanging out with fabulous friends, watching our favorite sport, and shopping! Who could ask for more?

Our loot!

Who knew thrifting could make me this happy!

As for riding, Caesar and I had a relatively mellow week; we did some bareback work and some simple flatwork. We had our first xc lesson on Thursday, but it wasn't our best. I was super confident since we have jumped many of the jumps before with little to no issues. But I was tense and holding him too much and he was super eager. We burst over one small steeplechase fence and cantered off on the forehand and then proceeded to repeat the jump in the same fashion two more times. We moved on to another inviting fence but had the same issue. We ended on a better jump then moved back to the ring to jump and regain our confidence. I felt super lousy about the whole thing, both that I felt tired and sluggish when working in two point (much to my trainer's chagrin) and because we seemed to have taken steps back in our jumping. I think my desire to impress definitely got in the way as did my "I can't do this" mentality.

On Friday, I set out to overcome the challenges of the day before; we trotted and cantered in two point then jumped the same jumps; this time was much better. On Sunday, Megan and I took a long hack down to the reservoir and then did a little flatwork to end the day. Caesar was a very good boy. We are scheduled to do our first horse trial next Saturday; I am very excited, but we have a lot of work to do!

Mike and I are headed down to Lexington on Wednesday to Rolex, the only 4 star horse trial in the US. I'm very excited to see the competition, especially cross country. We'll also be spending some time in Shaker Village, a lovely little place outside of Lex (great hiking, High Bridge, good food...) I'll hopefully be posting a blog or two from Rolex. We'll see!

Have a great week!

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