Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dust off that blog!

I've been blatantly absent from the blog roll for a while (though I am checking others' blogs with ridiculous regularity :), and today's the day to put an end to it. Of course, the problem with abandoning your blog is that every time you think to sit down and write, there's just too much to say. This has happened at least twice a week over the past 5 weeks. As if I didn't already have to worry about writing too much. It's sort of like that phone call you keep meaning to make to a dear friend (ahem, I have several of those lined up as well). Or maybe it's more like a dirty laundry pile...

In any case, I thought I would just post some photos with captions to attempt to recap some of the more interesting moments of the past month+. School is back in session, and I'm teaching cooking twice a week (busy!) as well as first grade math (fun!). Caesar is doing very well, and we have been having fun jumping and making big progress in dressage (more on that later). My MICA course is in full swing, and I've got a few very cool projects on tap. Central MD is looking and feeling a bit more like fall, and that makes me a happy camper. Here's hoping for a fabulous fall!

My classroom post-move (YIKES!)

After the first day of sorting and rearranging

Getting better

Ta-Da (well almost)! The tiny, er, cozy math area with tables in foreground.

Cooking cart looking cute.

Caesar suffered a nasty case of the scratches on his muzzle and had to suffer through several application of desitin (leaving me smelling like a diaper table). He's looking like quite the coke addict in this shot :)

Megan on Wyatt at the Loch Moy short course where we competed two weeks ago. We had a great time and plan to attend another in November.

The farm underwent a major tree-lift this week. That meant many scary machines and even scarier noises during tack-up time. Caesar was sensible for the most part!

Last night, Mike ran a cross country race that happened to take place on a combined steeplechase/eventing cross country course. He even got a horsey ribbon for his second place finish! Very cool!

Finally, remember that duck I saw being walked in Hampden (of course you don't). Well, it's a teenager now, and it's still being paraded around the neighborhood! Maybe an inside duck isn't such a bad idea?

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