Monday, May 31, 2010

XC Schooling!

I am too tired to write a full post, but I wanted to post two videos from our xc outing to Loch Moy. Caesar presented sound on Friday and Saturday, and though he had a few wonky steps yesterday, he seemed good to do some light xc schooling today (as I had planned an outing with a fellow boarder). He felt great, and we accomplished two big goals--water and a baby bank. Caesar has no issue with water, but I had never really schooled him in any; at our pipe opener, we had a stop in this murky pit, so I was a little hesitant about how he would do. No problem! We trotted in several times then trotted in and jumped a log out. Then we cantered in and jumped out! Very fun! He was great! As the video shows, I really messed up the jump out when cantering. Not really sure what I did, but I lost my stirrup and got up on his neck. Eesh! Kudos to Caesar for saving my butt (for the umpteenth time:)!

The second video is of this little house jump; it was probably somewhere between 2'3" and 2'6", which is big for me. The first time I jumped it, it felt perfect, like it came up "out of stride" nicely. He always jumps better over the more sizeable fences, I just have to be brave and trust him. This video is our second attempt, and, while not as good as the first, it's decent!

I'll write more tomorrow. Have a great Tuesday!


  1. He looks GREAT! What a good boy : ) And you looked awesome too! Looks like you will be going BN in no time!

  2. Woohoo Shane and Caesar! Yall rock! Somehow both the videos are showing up the same for me -- alas. I wanna see the house jump!!