Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This week's news

So much for my promise to be better about blogging. And really I've no reason to be taking a hiatus from blogging- my work schedule is more relaxed, my classes are over, and it's nearing the end of May (a very nice time to be a teacher :) Yet somehow over the past few weeks I haven't found (made) the time to just sit down and type.

I'm in a bit of a funk at press time as Caesar has made a visit to the land of lameness. He had been going so well, fantastic actually and then, bam, Monday he comes up lame. It seems to be his right hind, and there's no swelling or heat anywhere leading me to think it's a foot thing. And the fact that we did trot and canter sets on the (at times rocky) trails on Sunday, make me think it's a bruise. He was worse yesterday but a wee bit better today- sound at the walk but still quite lame at the trot. The farrier will be out on Friday to put the hoof testers on him, but I am hoping for a small miracle. I want to ride my pony!

Since I can't be in the saddle, I have been practicing some massage techniques on Caesar. We're also doing a little ground work and some hand grazing. That combined with the fact that I am soaking his sore foot makes me wonder if he's settling in to his new spa lifestyle. Oh man.

I took a nice bike ride today over to the lake; it was great to see so many different kinds of folks running, walking, and cycling together. I do love Baltimore. I am getting more brave about biking through heavy traffic, and I think I'll even attempt to bike to work next week, at least one day. That's a good goal.

Mike and I are making plans for the summer, and we hope to be in Mississippi for the 4th of July. We are getting the college gang together for a mini renunion at Anna's house. Definitely looking forward to that! I'm hoping to compete Caesar a few times in June; we should be fine as long as he's back to his old self by next week. Hooves crossed!

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