Friday, May 28, 2010

Briefings, brief things

Some random thoughts and happenings from today and yesterday:

-Soundness, I've missed you. Why don't you stick around, like forever.

-I might have a mild black eye. My horse's knee met my forehead. It was my fault, trust me, and it was going to happen eventually (read: I am haphazard; stay far away from me)

-Need a pick-me-up? Try blue mascara. But good luck getting it at Wegmans. You can get lots of other things like Chiavetta's marinade (which my friend Jen swears is the best around) and a good price on fennel, even these fun air popped corn puff things (made right before your eyes). But blue mascara, nowhere to be found. Any idea where I can get the stuff?

-The show Community is actually quite funny and so is Parks and Recreation, especially when Will Arnett costars.

-Premiere of Sex and the City 2 = gaggles of young women traipsing around Harbor East in way too short skirts. Eesh.

-I just love Anne Tyler, and I really love that she writes about her hometown. Oh, Baltimore.

-A student asked me upon meeting Mike if we call each other Boo and Babe. Ha. No, we don't, but maybe we should start.

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