Saturday, February 20, 2010

The hubcap and the horseshoe

The past week has been a blur; we were out of school on Monday for the holiday and then again Tuesday as area schools were not nearly ready for school to resume. For the remainder of the week, our schools operated on a two-hour delay which threw off my observations with the teachers I support. I came to the end of Friday vaguely tired and feeling ready for a break; I know, know, sheesh, right? I barely worked 2 days; however after a week of being snowed in, the return to life as usual comes with some bumps.

Speaking of bumps, Mike lost a hubcap Saturday to a pothole; anyone living in our near Baltimore knows that the two blizzards have left our city's already ragged streets all the more decimated. We were leaving the city on our way to the barn when we hit 3 huge potholes in a row within a 300 foot stretch of road. At one point Mike said "I hope that's not my hubcap." Indeed it was. When we went back to look for it, we found a hubcap graveyard--nearly a dozen all in the same short stretch--crazy! Despite the newfangled ugliness of Mike's car, we had a good laugh.

And upon removing my horse from his field I discovered that he'd lost his front left shoe (his second lost shoe of the week); ironic that we lost the front left hubcap. For the first time since he was a young babe, he's completely barefoot. We'll see if he can hold up a few more days before affixing new shoes on his front feet...

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  1. Hubcap graveyard--inspired words!

    Hubcap cupcake. Nice combo huh? Anyways I can hardly type hubcap. Strange word.

    I still can't believe people hammer shoes into horses' feet but they don't seem to mind, huh? The idea has made me cringe ever since I was a kid, though.