Friday, February 12, 2010


As you all know by now, the Mid-Atlantic has been blanketed by over 3 feet of snow from two blizzards. In Baltimore the total accumulation is said to be between 45 and 55 inches. Last Friday, the prediction was 20-30 inches over the weekend with a chance of snow on Tuesday, February 9. That chance became a second blizzard, this time bringing much more powerful winds. There were several moments on Tuesday when I looked over from my reading/knitting/napping (cabin fever) to see only a blur of white outside. Baltimore issued a no-driving policy that, at least from what we could tell in Charles Village, people adhered to.

All this snow meant school was canceled all week so Mike and I had a surprise snow vacation. We actually house/barn sat for my trainer Friday through Monday with Megan, fellow boarder and weekend barn warrior. The work was grueling at times--it took the three of us a total of 7 hours each day to get through the twice daily feedings and turnout. But the opportunity to be on a beautiful farm during a huge snow storm was amazing. Plus, I got to check on Caesar whenever I wanted and ride, which many of my fellow horse-owning pals were unable to do Friday-Monday.

We captured a few nice shots on Saturday:

We were totally unprepared for the chaos that greeted us when we arrived back in Baltimore on Monday. Only the major N/S thoroughfares had been plowed leaving most streets a single lane of slushy mess. Mike's car got stuck only a few blocks from the apartment; luckily two kind strangers were able to give it the push needed. We spent a few hours digging out my parking pad and the adjacent alley. Yikes indeed. After staying indoors for most of the ensuing blizzard that began Tuesday afternoon and ended Wednesday evening, we ventured out. The streets of Charles Village felt like a ski town, everyone milling about on foot, boisterous and at least slightly in awe. There was grand evidence of sledding in the Dell and even a superbly executed igloo. On Thursday we found a sled in our basement and joined a family from the neighborhood to go sledding in the Dell. I have never actually been sledding. Growing up in Mississippi, a 2-inch snowfall is considered a big snow and typically only last 5 hours before the melt. The few attempts I made at sledding were on cardboard boxes on small sloping terraces, always ending with a too-soon halt. So the sledding in the Dell was, for me at least, phenomenal. I am not much for going fast downhill on snow or ice (ha) so the bunny slope was fine for me. Here are a few photos:

We got word early this afternoon that the driveway to the barn was at last passable so we made our way out to visit Caesar and see what the storm left behind. I had gotten word that Caesar was struggling with the snow, refusing to push through the drifts to go inside and needing "encouragement" from a lunge whip. Also, he was limping for no apparent reason other than a little cut on his heel. My horse is a wonderful guy, but he's a wimp. While the draft crosses were gallivanting around, Caesar was pining for spring. We arrived to find him decently sound, seemingly happy to trot around on the lunge line in the indoor. We'll see how he does when I put him in the tack tomorrow. The barn was ridiculous--5 foot walls of snow where the plow had made paths. Whereas this weekend we could create new pathways on foot with only some difficulty (wading through 2 feet of snow is a good workout), today it was nearly impossible to walk through the drifts that exceeded 3 feet. And the snow isn't going anywhere. I am hoping that Caesar will be fine taking a little snow trek tomorrow; we'll follow behind his best friend/superhorse, Wyatt.

While I have enjoyed the snow, I know it has been quite difficult for so many people throughout the area. Let's hope some spring-like temps arrive soon so we can get on with life as normal!

Enjoy the photos!


  1. Love it! Love it!I would love to see a pic of Caesar and Wyatt together. Can't imagine that much snow, at least not down here. Keep up the good work!

  2. I thought about how I should include a photo of the two of them since the last sentence of that paragraph seemed to allude to a photo :) I will post one soon--Wyatt is the biggest horse on the farm and Caesar is one of the smallest--it's pretty cute to see them together! Love you, AnnaB!