Saturday, February 13, 2010

Red Rider and Ron Burgundy

I get very tickled when life sends little coincidences my way, when seemingly inconsequential elements of my life line up nicely.

Yesterday I hopped over to the Writer's Almanac and read a sweet little love sigh of a poem by Norah Pollard. I wasn't familiar with her work so I googled her name and was intrigued to find the first link was to a Thoroughbred rescue organization (Ooooo, I said). A few more clicks, and I learned that she is the son of Red Pollard, Seabiscuit's jockey; only hours before I had walked over to the video store and picked up Seabiscuit to pass the time. Sweet! Not to mention I found a new poet to admire; here's a poem I especially like "Questions I Never Asked My Father".

In other news, Anchorman is currently playing on ABC. It took me a while to appreciate this film, but I enjoy the ridiculous humor now. Scotch, scotch, scotch...the arsonist has ugly shaped feet..I might be wrong, but I believe that Diversity was an old, old ship used during the Civil War period. HA!

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  1. lovely coincidence and Anchorman is excellent. "I love lamp." "Dorothy Mantooth is a saint." Etc. Etc.