Monday, March 15, 2010

The funnies

Kids are funny, like really funny. If you should find yourself feeling a little down, go hang out with a kid; I think working with children ups my quality of life quotient a few points. In my first year of teaching, I remember making a daily list of the silly statements my students shared. Of course, the novelty wears off after reaching the veteran years of one's teaching career (which by Baltimore City standards is the first day of your 3rd year; yikes). Still, I more often than not find myself doing a lot of snickering while at school. Here are a few funny quips heard over the past week, from the mouths of babes:

-upon seeing a group of mounted policeman near our school, two kids approached me (separately) and asked "Was that YOUR horse?" (why, yes, that large grey draft horse is mine; I just happen to allow that nice policeman to ride him on Wednesday afternoons...)

-today while zesting a clementine (sorbet :) I caught my thumb on the microplane and got a decent nick. I announced the accident to my 2nd graders (my frequent saftey lapses in cooking class make for good warnings), and Maggie said "Oh. Does that mean there'll be some thumb zest in the sorbet?" EWWW!

-when having a conversation about cross-pollination, I explained how hybrid crops are developed, and Christopher said "Oh, you mean like a mutt?" Fruit mutts, yum :)

And finally, another funny, but not from a child. Rather, a staunch conservative whose blog I happened upon last night when researching arugula (I know, I know, random). I had forgotten about the right-wing media's attack on the unassuming leafy green until I saw this.

An Obama supporter I am (and a Whole Foods shopper), but that's pretty funny. Hope you had a good laugh today!

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