Monday, March 1, 2010

What's a widget?

Thanks to Abby for sharing her scrolling gadget thingy (see below Caesar's photos); I love the idea of keeping a log of my riding exercises. Thanks, Abby!

On that note, I struggled to set up the "easy" feature; really, it wasn't hard in the end, but all the tech talk (widget, scrollbox, widget id, not to mention all the /backskin..strange code/ /are you sure you are savvy enough to blog? code/) turned me in circles for a bit. This after temporarily loosing videos and photos on my camera yesterday and spending 3 hours today transcribing a 25 minute video of my teaching after I couldn't figure out how to work InqScribe. To technology I say "<<<624f0xckBLURG!BLURG!BLURG!492k0231pbx>>>".

FYI: Jake the bachelor just chose the WRONG girl! Ewww! (and double ewww to the fact that I have been watching this show. Ha!)

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