Sunday, March 28, 2010


What do you suppose explorers actually saw when they made those countless mermaid sightings on the earliest sea voyages? And those who still claim to see them…do you think it was/is just dugongs? Or maybe the affect of dehydration?

I’m not so sure. I’ve never been one for fantasy and certainly not crytopzoology. I think that most “sightings” can be explained by either the imagination or overtired eyes (although I swear I once saw a panther on Hwy 59 in southern MS, but that’s not so out of the ordinary; really, it was there…I saw it.) However, there’s a part of me that might want to believe that those mermaids were real. I caught a piece on NPR that mentioned mermaid sightings off the Atlantic in the early 17th Century. It made me think—could it be that mermaids existed? I would like to think the early settlers of America—being shipman, engineers, land surveyors, astronomers, sometimes all of the above, wouldn’t mistake a lethargic, hefty, bovine-like creature for a half woman-half fish. That’s like mistaking a cow for a centaur. No. Perhaps it really was a mermaid.

Bret and Jermaine believe; do you?

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  1. Funny those guys. I don't know that I ever really believed in mermaids. I loved Ariel as a kid, though.