Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break!

I can’t deny that teaching has some great benefits, spring break as an adult being one of them. I’ve been enjoying the week off by doing not very much of anything—riding, reading, being outside. Unfortunately Monday and Tuesday were quite rainy, great for reading but not for riding. My lesson on Monday went very well especially considering I thought we were doomed when it came to riding in the indoor (Caesar is sluggish and stiff; I am stiff and anxious…). Our ride yesterday (also inside) was less notable; at the end, I worked outside for a bit and got a much more expressive trot from Caesar; all is not lost. My lovely friend/coworker, Jacqui, stopped by for a visit and pampered Caesar and his pasture pals. I think she must be some sort of horse whisperer; both Caesar and his equally grouchy bud, Casey, walked right up to her and awaited her pats. These two are usually the ears back, indifferent type. It was great to see them just be friendly ponies; of course, once we had Caesar tied up and got to grooming him, his ears went back and he barred his teeth. Oh, Caesar…

Today I trekked up to Philadelphia with Mike and his anatomy students. We saw the Body Worlds exhibit at the Franklin Institute; I didn’t know exactly what to expect, not being too interested in anatomy, or, um, cadavers. But it was quite fascinating; I left with a renewed appreciation for the human body.

The weather made a nice about face today—the sun came out early and the temperature rose to 70. When Mike and I got home, we pulled out the bikes and went for an hour and a half bike ride. It was glorious! But the hills really got to me—another reminder that I am very much out of shape. Knowing that my riding will improve as my fitness does is good motivation, hopefully enough to keep going! We’ll be joining the Hopkins gym tomorrow, and they have a decent climbing wall which means we’ll be able to climb a lot more often and on the cheap!

In horsey news, Caesar and I will be going to a Paper Chase with another boarder on Friday; as I understand it, we’ll ride at 6 mile course at the trot and canter, jumps optional. Along the way we’ll have to collect poems and candy, sort of a scavenger hunt. Riding, poems, and candy—sounds like fun to me! And next week, we’re planning on doing a pipe opener on Saturday and a combined test on Sunday. Exciting for sure, but I admit I’m pretty anxious! I have been looking forward to competing for so long, but now that it’s here, I am not sure I’m ready! Wish me luck!

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  1. poems, candy, ponies? that sounds just about fabulous! and a perfect outing before your competitions next weekend! make sure to take lots of pics to post. is the pipe opener at full moon? i signed up last minute for a dressage schooling show at reddemeade this saturday -- riding Prelim A. haven't even memorized it yet. this should be interesting :)